Laguna Public Library Fun Run and Walk




1st Annual Laguna Library Fun Run/Walk a Success – By. E. Poncho


On Saturday, June 7th the Laguna Public Library held their first Fun Run & Walk to kick-off the Summer Reading program. Every year the library hosts a summer reading program to encourage children to read and to inform the community of services that are available at the library. Registration was scheduled for 8am to 9am and the start time at 9 o’clock. At 8:40 am with no participants present, we began to wonder if anyone would show up at all…perhaps we scheduled the run too early or didn’t advertise enough. But eventually people were coming in and we had enough participants to get started. Overall there were 6 runners and 16 walkers. Results for the 5k fun run were: Melissa Saavedra with a time of 24:31; Lucianne Riley 28:33; Alvin Hershey, Jr. 31:55; Jocelyn Riley 37:51; Trent Fernando 39:22, and Angel Day 41:14. Participants for the 1.5 mile walk were Christine Sarracino, Peggy Waconda, Kori Solomon and Daniel Marmon & family, Cecilia Lucero, Shayai Lucero, Kaweshchima Fry, Kayla Kowemy, Gloria Kowemy, Antonette M. Silva-Jose, Vicki Sarracino, Sue Lorenzo, Richard Saavedra, Leon Duran, Tina Sarracino, and Royann Kayate-Fernando. Good job to everyone who crossed that finish line with a smile. We appreciate your participation. Thank-you to Tim Johnson, from the Sports & Wellness department, who was kind enough to help us organize our event and much appreciation, goes out to the Laguna Police department and also Bobby Arguelles and Darlo Vanderwilt II of the Laguna Fire/Rescue department for ensuring our safety.


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