Library Snap Shot Day, April 14, 2010

Thanks for participating in Library Snap Shot Day! 

We had a great response of comments and stories!  Thanks to the Kie family for bringing cupcakes and drinks!  Winners from the drawing are posted at the library. 

Here are some pictures and comments from community members who use the library.

Amber and Adele come to the library to use the computers for FREE internet to access online classes. do school work, job searching, and email. "The library is important to the community because it provides a variety of books for children, youth, and adults. The library also provides internet resources. There are also good reading programs for the children to learn."

Daisy and Sandra come to the library to read, check out books, learn, play games on computers, and play with toys. They have fun participating in projects such as Easter and Earth Day. Sandra and her brother won the edible book contest for the 2009 Summer Reading Program. Their mom, Liz, says, "I use the library because I need to use the computers. I can't afford one and its a great resources for me. I also have three children in school so the reference material here is very valuable. I come to do projects of all kinds. Also, it is a safe and fun place to spend time with my children." The library is important to the community because it is a great resource center...allows us a place to make copies, fax, and print,... and teaches about our culture. WE NEED OUR LIBRARY!

Orlinda and Steve say the library is important to the community because, "most people don't have access to computers or books." Orlinda likes to use the library when she needs to do research on some subjects or crafts. She also checks out the newest titles and uses inter-library loan. Steve uses the library to obtain information on the computers, research beadwork or just to read. Their granddaughter likes to come read books and play puzzles.

Zalin comes to the library to use the computers for school projects and listening to music. He and his brother also help their dad use the computer.

Laguna Heastart Class working on a clan project. They will participate in library activities on Earth Day April 22, 2010.

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