Now avaliable…NMSU-Grants Title V Laguna Computer Outreach Lab

Laguna Public Library and NMSU- Grants Title V Computer Lab

 The Laguna Public Library and NMSU-Grants are working together to provide students with access to computers for classes or job resources.There are 8 laptop computers to support distance education, FREE Wi-Fi access, and NMSU 2010 licenced software.  They may also be utilized for job resources.   The lab is located at the Laguna Public Library and is avaliable to students in high school and college. 

To utilize these computers you must agree to the following guidelines:

  • Must be a student in grade 9th or higher (high school, college, vocational, other).  If student is in elementary or middle school, the parent will be responsible for checking out the computer and must be present with the student while using the computer. 
  • Must show a syllabus, assignment, or other valid document to check out a computer.
  • A valid ID (Driver’s license, tribal ID, or school ID) is required to check out the computer and will be kept at the desk until the computer is returned.
  • There will be no time limit, as long as the student is working on a school assignment. 
  • If library staff determines that the student is not working on school assignment they will be asked to log off for the day.
  • No work can be saved on the computers.  After log off the computer will be restored and all saved files and downloaded programs will be erased.
  • Headphones must be used when listening to audio.
  • A wireless mouse is available for use.  
  • There may be no food or drink at or near the computer. 
  • The student will be responsible for any damages caused to the computer or for items lost.  Items will be inspected upon return.
  • No inappropriate material can be viewed on the computers.  If so, computer privileges will be suspended.
  •  We will make every effort to accommodate all computer users.
  • Questions:  Please talk with Janice Kowemy, Librarian – or 505-552-6280.

This program is funded by the US Department of Education.

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