Celebrate your Native American Heritage @ the Laguna Public LIbrary

November is Native American Heritage Month!

Check out our Native American Collection and Laguna Collection – Books, DVDs, and Pictures.

Visit our online catalog to see what is available.

Celebrate our Laguna culture and traditions by visiting the library to see what Laguna resources are available. 

Laguna collection includes language materials, history, pictures, and DVDs. There are also digitized copies of the language materials, winter tales, and the Towncrier all available on the library computers. The POL Workforce Language group also recorded Laguna phrases and words, which are also available on the library computers.

With the Laguna Tribal Elections coming up in December, here is a video that was recorded at a Pueblo of Laguna Workforce Excellence Brown Bag Session – Governor Roland Johnson talking about Roles of Elected Officials.  Visit the library YouTube channel for other Laguna Public Library Videos.


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