Library eBooks:

The Laguna Public Library has purchased subscriptions to access eBooks and audiobooks:

OverDrive announcement email

To access OVERDRIVE visit: (Includes eBooks and audiobooks)

Site address: https://nm.overdrive.com/

Click on Sign In

Select: Laguna Public Library

You will need your library card number to log in.  There is NO password required.



To access SEBCO titles visit: (Includes eBooks)

Site address: http://library.esebco.com

Login: laguna library

Password: ebooks (NOT CASE SENSITIVE)

Each patron will be asked to input their Library card number and name.

eReader App

Download our free Sebco app and read your eBooks from your IOS, Android or Kindle device.

Go to the www.SebcoBooks.com homepage and select click to download from the Apps box.

Next, select the App box for your device. Once on your mobile device, locate the bookworm app icon and select it to open. Log in using the information provided above. Download the eBooks you would like to read. *These books will be added to My Bookshelf to access at any time. No internet connection needed once the books are downloaded. Click here for instructions to download the iPad app.

Choosing an eReader:

EReaders are avaliable at most major electronic outlets.  For up-to-date reviews and popular picks visit:

Where Can I Get Free eBooks?

There are many websites that offer free eBooks.  Not all popular or bestselling books are available FREE through these sites.  Most of the items you will find are older or not as popular.  You may have to read the books on the site itself or if available you can download.

  • Open Library – Offers over 1,000,000 free eBooks.

  • Amazon – Free eBooks for Kindles.

  • Bartleby – Offers classics, reference books, and a large selection of verse.

  • HathiTrust Digital Library – Digital titles from academic and research libraries.

  • Feedbooks – Free public domain and original eBooks.

  • Project Gutenberg – Offers over 42,000 free eBooks, mostly classics.

  • Google Play – Offers the top free eBooks available for download.

Library Audio Books:

The Laguna Public Library has a small collection of audiobooks available for checkout. Downloadable audiobooks are available from OVERDRIVE. See above. 

Where Can I Get Free Downloadable Audio Books?

There are a few websites that offer free downloadable audiobooks. Not all popular or bestselling books are available FREE through these sites. Most of the items you will find are older or not as popular.

  • AudioBooksForFree.com -MP3, iPod, and DVD audiobooks.  Includes adventure, mystery, horror, classics, children, non-fiction, philosophy, etc.

  • LibriVox – Free public domain audio books

  • Verkaro.org – Free public domain audio books from a Santa Fe based producer, recorded using local talent.

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